What We Can Do


Complete physical security may not be desirable to some due to its over-bearing nature, and this explains why we provide such specialised services as:

* Static guards * Private investigation
* Escort services * Surveillance
* Crowd control services Bodyguard
* Armed Response/Quick Intervention Force



More About Us


While our security escort services is based on the request and needs of the client as we have the following security escort services: ‘Dedicated Response’ (a 24 hours Security Escort Services per month), ‘Shared Response’ (a 12 hours daily Security Escort Services every month) and the ‘Spot Hire’ (Drop off) which is a one off Security Escort Services request.


For effective guard monitoring and performance, we have put in place dedicated patrols of all locations under our Company by mobile inspectors covering both day and night shifts.


For effective communication, the Company has a VHF Radio Link, and walkie-talkie for use at clients premises on rental throughout contract duration This device is to enhance effective interaction, intervention and communication in times of theft/burglary or any emergency. The VHF hand held walkie-talkie could be used to contact our office or the patrol vehicles at any time of the day or night.